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145.816 Ft

DAHLE Iratmegsemmisítő PaperSAFE® 420, 10 lap (A4/80gr), CD/kártya vágás, P-5/F-2/O-1/T-5/E-4, 2.5 m/min, 25 liter

145.816 Ft
Gyártó: Dahle
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
Várható szállítás: 2024. június 27.
Szállítási díj: 2.515 Ft
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Leírás és Paraméterek

Intelligent deskside document shredder with separate CD shredding facility and electronic filling-level indicator
DAHLE PaperSAFE® 420

Technical data
Product name
Weight net 13 kg
Entry width 224 mm
Shreds A4 80 gsm paper* 0 - 10 sheets
Particle size in mm 2 x 15 mm
Security levels P-5/F-2/O-1/T-5/E-4
Waste collection volume 25 l
dB (A) when idle 60 dB(A)
Power supply 230 V
Speed 2.5 m/min
Power consumption 350 W

* Maximum number of sheets which can be cut in a single pass under the following conditions: New cutting cylinders (oiled if necessary), cold motor, power supply with nominal voltage and nominal frequency (230V/50Hz; 120V/60Hz). Non-conformances can lead to a lower sheet capacity and increased running noise. Sheets are fed at 90° either portrait or landscape. The sheet capacity may vary depending on paper properties and feed.

- oil- and maintenance free operation
- Convenient feed and reverse function for manual control
- 2-year warranty on proper working order provided the product is used as intended.
- Integrated light barrier for automatically starting and stopping the document shredder, ensuring fast availability and safe use
- Intelligent document shredder for desk-side use
- Convenient automatic reversing function clears feed opening after feeding in too much paper
- Visual overload indicator
- Convenient casters for greater mobility
- Extra small particles for optimum utilisation of volume
- Automatic motor cut-out
- Overheating protection with overheating display.
- Angled cold device cable
- Two separate cutting units for paper, CDs, DVDs, bank cards and credit cards
- Four strips each 3.0 cm wide
- Energy-saving standby mode
- Electronic notification when bin is full, additional inspection window for visual monitoring
- Self-cleaning cutting rollers
- Sheet remnant shredding with full waste container for safe destruction of sensitive data.
- Removable collection bin, separate CD collection bin optionally available
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 545 x 443 x 273 mm

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